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Effective English is owned and operated by none other than me, Adam Frick.

I am an American and a fortunate father of four children (Meryl, Hana, Noa and Jeroen). My beloved wife, Marlijn, keeps all of us sane. When I am not working as an editor and translator, most of my time is spent being Dad. If I ever have free time (that is a big 'if'!), I enjoy reading and writing fiction for pleasure, listening to classical music and, if I'm really lucky, hiking in the Dolomites!

I developed my language skills over ten years teaching English, History and Economics in a wide range of schools in North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Though I miss teaching in classrooms, I now work as a freelance editor, and I am delighted to have more time to spend with my children.


I moved to Den Haag, the Netherlands in 2016, and I was stunned to discover such a wonderful country. I repatriated, and I haven't looked back since.

I edit, write and translate for simple reasons: I am passionate about the English language, and I love helping people strengthen how they communicate in English.

For information about rates, estimates, workshop queries, etc., please send me a message, or feel free to call.

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